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Sisters Unearthly

Sisters Unearthly is a fantasy web series for adults who love fairytales as they were intended - dark, dangerous and delicious. Set in a visually stylised, grotesque, and humorous world without man or machine the stories unfold against the spectacular natural landscapes of Tasmania.


Each episode is a stand alone story but bound by the theme of bringing forth life in an unearthly realm where hair is a powerful commodity, little girls vomit up golden hearts, and narrators sometimes lose control of their stories.

Currently in development. 



Slashed (2010)
The Jelly Wrestler (2012)
I Am Undone (2014)


Directed: Rebecca Thomson
Written: Claire d'Este
© Rogan Brown
Directed: Rebecca Thomson
Written: Claire d'Este



© Rogan Brown
Directed: Rebecca Thomson
Written: Claire d'Este



© Van Demon




Tassie Breaks Up With Pokies.
Desperate And Dateless
Life After Pokies




Doll Wreath
Vagina Dentata
Healthy Bites
Crocheted Cthurkey

Rebecca is off to Cannes 2019!

May 15, 2019

Rebecca Thomson will be attending Cannes Film Festival and market with a contingent of Tasmanian producers. If you would like a meeting with Rebecca please email vexatiousfilms@gmail.com

Women of the Island

May 15, 2019

Rebecca has also been working  hard on a documentary series telling the untold and inspiring stories of the women who inhabit the island of Tasmania.

Visit the site to watch some of hte stories.

Review of I Am Undone

November 08, 2017

It's nice when a reviewer gets your project! A review from Dread Central of I Am Undone Volume 1 includes a shoutout for I Am Undone.

'This one is bizarre. It does everything required in order to get across its message, almost obnoxiously so, but I think the end result is just what it needed to be. Over-the-top, gross and appropriately preachy, this one made me squirm uncomfortably several times. It could have used a few more in-camera effects, but with the budget they were probably working with, it’s hard to fault them too much for that. 4 out of 5.'

Crocheted Cthurkey Pattern

December 20, 2018

The turkey is based on Allison Hoffman's Amigurumi Thanksgiving Turkey. Thanks, Allison! First go make one of those, but don't close off the body.

Tentacles (make 3)

  1. Make a magic ring

  2. Crochet 5 into the ring

  3. Single crochet around until your tentacles are of your desired length.

  4. Stuff and insert wire for ultimate posability

Crab legs (make 8 or 6 if you get bored)

  1. Chain 17

  2. Skip first chain and single crochet into chain

  3. HDC 3, SC, slip stitch

  4. SC, HDC 3, SC, slip stitch

  5. SC HDC, DC 3

  6. Stitch up the sides a bit to make them a bit rounder

  7. Probably should have put some wire in these too

Stitch parts onto other parts and stuff those tentacles in.

Watch the full video here.

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